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NIDJI as Channel [V] Spotlight Artist Of The Month

Bulan Desember ini, NIDJI menjadi "Spotlight Artist Of The Month" di stasiun TV musik Channel [V], pemilihan NIDJi dikarenakan memiliki keunikan tersendiri dalam bermusik. Sebagai member dari "Channel [V]’s AMP (Asia’s Music Platform) Artist", NIDJI akan membawa misi memperkenalkan musiknya gak hanya di Indonesia saja tapi di luar negeri.

Buat NIDJIholic yang berada di Malaysia, hari minggu tanggal 21 Desember ini, NIDJi akan perform di Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur Malaysia di acara "Channel [V] Presents Nidji Live in KL", tempatnya terbatas dan buat keterangan lebih lanjut log on: Channel [V] Website.

Dan menangkan juga gitar Gibson Flying V yang khusus di desain khusus dengan tanda tangan seluruh NIDJI, keterangan selengkapnya di website yang sama.

berita terkait:

Rising quickly to the top is our spotlight artist of the month, Nidji.

Formed in 2002, Nidji is an Indonesian band who has distinguished themselves from the pack, both musically and socially.

The award-winning, alternative rock band’s debut album, Breakthru, has sold over 500,000 copies and is the first Indonesian album with both an English and Indonesian version. They were first known as an Indonesian version of a British rock band but they became a band of their own when their hit single Heaven was used on the soundtrack for the hugely successful Heroes TV series.

Other than rocking it in the music scene, Nidji is very involved with Indonesia’s social issues as an anti-AIDS ambassador for the Staying Alive program and Indonesia’s very own ‘Friends of World Food Program’ appointed by the UN. In addition, they have created a movement called Nidjiholicare, where they encourage their fans to become more aware of what is happening in Indonesia and make a change for the better.

[V] will be rocking it out with Nidji at the AMP Live show in Jakarta and you have a chance to come along! For your chance to win tickets to the concert, [V] is holding a contest equally as awesome.

Win a Nidji designed Gibson Flying V guitar by logging onto www.channelv.com – then tell us how you find meaning in NIDJI’s songs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Go NIDJI!! I'm so proud that you guys are [V] Channel's Spotlight band! I mean, this is like your biggest achievement yet! I'm an Indonesian myself (living in Baku, Azerbaijan.. near Russia) and I love seeing Indonesia's name rise even higher. I'm not a fan yet but I probably will be soon. You guys rock!