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Nidji's Giring Newly Single

Popular singer Giring of Nidji is now single, after ending his two-year relationship with girlfriend Inka.

On her Facebook site, Inka has reportedly changed her status from "in a relationship" into "no relationship", and has also expressed her disappointment over the couple's breakup.
Giring himself has made no statement over the news and a call to his cell phone was not picked up, okezone.com reported Tuesday.

The couple were last seen together at the wedding of Nidji drummer Adri, where Giring commented that he was not ready to marry his girlfriend.

"Love and affection are not enough since these days, there are many things that can cause problems ...," Giring said at the time.

The breakup has come as a surprise, especially since Giring reportedly went through a lengthy process to date Inka, who is the sister of one of his close friends.

"When I asked permission from her brother (to become her boyfriend), I was nervous. When I told him 'your sister is beautiful' I was warned not to approach her. But finally, I won her heart," Giring once said.

source: the jakartapost

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