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I am one
I am child
I'm the saint who marches in love

I'm the pain
Electric pain
Bolt of thunder in the rain

I'm the blood
I'm the key
You are evergreen
Who blessed in union

Let them born into this world
Let them sing into the sky

Reff: I will be fading.. i will be fading..
And i will be fading
As your child ... as your child..

Don't let go
Don't be frightened
Don't be scared and don?t be late

I am one
I am child
I'm the saint
Who marches in love

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Song by : Nidji, Lyric by : Giring

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1 comment:

Adi Jexson said...

Salut buat Nidji..
maju terus & lebih kreatif
Gua suka bangat lagu ini..ngademin
Cold Play abis he he he...