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Nidji Relies On Live Performances

Giring, the vocalist of alternative rock band Nidji, says the local music industry has been experiencing its worst years in terms of CD sales, and the band survives due to its live performances.

"The Indonesian music industry has actually collapsed," Giring was quoted as saying by Antara before the band's concert at Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman, in Pontianak, on Monday night.

Despite the band's popularity, Giring says it is difficult for Nidji to have their album sales exceed a million copies due to rampant piracy in the country.

The band, he says, has advised its fans -- who call themselves Nidjiholics -- not to purchase pirated CDs, download their songs from the Internet or share their songs via cell phones.

"Downloading songs from the Internet with no charge is wrong," says the band's guitarist, Rama.

Breakhtru was their debut album released in 2006, which was followed by an English language version before the release of Top Up, their second album, a year after.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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