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Nidji di MTV Asia Awards 2008

MTV Asia Awards 2008 akan digelar oleh MTV Networks Asia dari kawasan Genting Malaysia tanggal 02 Agustus 2008 nanti. ada beberapa kategori untuk awards ini. NIDJI menjadi salah satu Nominasi MTV Asia Awards 2008 untuk kategori Favourite Artist Indonesia bersama Andra & The Backbone, Mulan Jameela dan Yovie & Nuno.

Dukung NIDJI di MTV Asia Award 2008 dengan cara log on di: SINI

Kategori lain dapat dilihat di: SINI

Nidji, Nominated For : Favourite Artist Indonesia
Colourful as a rainbow, is how Nidji describes the variations of their music. Inspiration for the name of the band came from the Japanese word “Niji”, which incidentally means, -surprise surprise- “Rainbow!”

Encapsulating a musical concept that adheres more closely to the modern rock genre, this six-year-old sextet also incorporates other influences of progressive, funk, pop and alternative, courtesy to inspirations from US and UK bands.

Nidji is a band formed out of the bonds of friendship, and common passion for musical creation, with Giring providing the vocals, Andro on bass, Run-D tinkling on the keyboards, Rama and Ariel on guitars, with drummer Adri completing the set.


Anonymous said...

wah...selamet ya....salam kenal dari saya :)

Anonymous said...

ayo dukung Nidji di Mtv asia award...
jangan lupa ya!!!
vote for NIDJI!!!!!

Anonymous said...

skrang dukung nidji di M.I.Award ok........